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More press reviews will soon be translated into english. Here are two while You wait for therest:

"The Weekend Planet" Australian RadioNational

This MP3 is a Swedish instrumental trio whose recent debut visit to Australia provided many festival-goers with a wonderful surprise.Who would have thought that unamplified, Scandinavian folk-based music could be – simultaneously - so fresh, virtuosic, exquisitely subtle, powerful...and danceable? MP3 is really an equilateral triangle, but its ‘MP’ is Mattias Pérez. He plays a decidedly non-standard, custom-made 12 string acoustic guitar.His colleagues are two of Sweden’s finer fiddlers – Nina Pérez and Mia Marine.Nina plays a ‘normal’ fiddle, Mia plays one with 5 strings.Their trio is nigh-telepathic –a wondrous combination of precision and seizing-the-moment.All members are fine composer-arrangers and their repertoire is mix of their new pieces and fine traditional tunes, refreshed.
Doug Spencer,


MP3 Nordic Tradition NTCD 10 (2007)

Pérez is a key player in the new Swedish fretted-strings development, playing a special, finely-built Swedish-built 12-string guitar with enhanced tuning possibilities. In MP3 he’s joined by fiddlers Mia Gustafsson (of the excellent Ni:d), and Nina Anderberg, and they play a powerful, intricate set of Swedish and Norwegian tunes.

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