Bowing 9 - The Folk String Orchestra

In 2005, nine folk musicians started their dream project. For a long time they had longed for a large folk music ensemble to compose for and decided to set up an orchestra of professional string players. Bowing 9 saw the daylight for the first time in a rehearsal venue in Bromma, Stockholm, and there was already music in plenty. As soon as it was suggested that the orchestra should be an experiment laboratory for composition ideas, eight of the band members began to compose feverously. To start with they rehearsed music for some of the composers’ graduation concerts from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and this music, along with other pieces, was also performed for example at Korrö Folkmusik Festival and at the inauguration of the concert series at Forsby Kvarn.

During 2009 Bowing 9 gained another member and also received a composing grant from the Swedish Arts Council for the composition of a completely new repertoire of folk music for string orchestra. The music was premiered in November 2009 in St Pauls Church in Stockholm, and at Katrineholm concert hall.

The sound is quite unique, and the instrumentation of a string orchestra gives the composers a possibility to create something different than what is "usually" heard on the traditional stage in Sweden. Since Bowing 9 plays the music of eight composers, the orchestra has as many different sounds. The music flows between vivacious melodies and serenely swaying epics. 

In May 2011 Bowing 9 recorded their debut record ”Force Majeure”. It will be released on october 23:rd, and can be ordered from the webshop.

To get in touch with Bowing 9, or for further information, contact Mia Marine.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Telephone: +46 (0) 70 248 96 36 bowing9_01Bowing 9 is:

Fiddle: Sven Ahlbäck, Olof Misgeld, Emma Reid, Mia Marine, Lars Warnstad and Jonas Åkerlund
Viola: Mikael Marin and Adrian Jones
Cello: Leo Svensson
Double bass: Ulf Åkerhielm

Press reviews for the album "Force Majeure"

"An impressive debut, that I'm sure will get a lot of attention even outside the country borders." 
Gert-Ove Fridlund, Hallandsposten 

"A special album with intriguing Swedish folk strings 2.0. This orchestra can easily become one of the major Swedish music acts in very near future." 
Elco Schilder,

" ' Over the Ice' opens as a sorrowful procession through a grim forest of strings with a brave and unique sound. Modern voices, deeply rooted in Swedish traditional music, who have chosen a contemporary and widened expression. Too big and bold to be called a traditional band of fiddlers, and too small to be a freelance sinfonietta.
Lars Åbom, Corren

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