Mia Marine - Solo

  • "There is no doubt about it; Mia Marine is one of our foremost young fiddlers, both with regards to musicality and technicality. Her playing has bold expression and a catching energy; it bounds with joy, charm and brilliance. It is a playing that doesn’t give in to artistic challenges and depth – a playing of highest quality. She has deep roots in the
  • miamarin 2 traditional music of western Värmland and is for me in many ways a typical ‘Värmlänning’ – standing with her feet firmly on the ground, but in the middle of the world. During the time I have known her she has also adopted playing styles and repertoires from amongst others Uppland and Gästrikland in such a way that they have become an integrated part of her musical identity – with complete confidence and great curiosity.
  • Mia is also an unusually creative and all-round musician, she composes, arranges and improvises with the same self-assured musicality that she has in her playing. She is equally comfortable in the roles of ensemble musician and soloist. In addition she is also a gifted and talented pedagogue, which is not always the case with distinguished musicians. A colleague of mine described Mia to me before I had met her with the words ”she could become anything, she is brilliant” – I couldn’t agree more and I am pleased that she chose folk music as her expression.”Sven Ahlbäck, professor of Swedish Folk Music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, composer and musician.

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