Sommaren 2012


Hi everyone!

A short resumé of what I'll be doing this summer. It would be nice to see You at one of the concerts or wokrshops! :-)

1 june - Recruiting new GUF-ers! (Gävleborgs Ungdoms Folkband)
4 june - Studio work. Mia Marine, Mikael Marin and Leo Svensson
5 june - Meeting with the other teachers at ESI. Apply to ESI now! Come spend a year with us! (Eric Sahlström Institutet)
7-10 june - Ransäterstämman! Concert and 10-year anniversary with MP3!
18-20 june - Recording in the studio with Ulrika Bodén Band
22 june - Big jubilee concert in Gunnarskogs church with Marin/Marin amongst others.
23 june - Traditional midsummer celebration in Bogen with Marin/Marin amongst others. 
27 june - Marin/Marin concert in Flen
1-8 july - Mia teaches at Neufchateua AKDT (Belgium)
19-21 july - Tour with Sofia Karlsson Band
27-29 july - Mia attending Lindy hop workshop in Herräng! :-)
7-11 aug - Mia teaches at a workshop in Östersund with Olav Mjelva
25 aug - Mia teaches at Linköpingsstämman
1-9 sept - Marin/Marin on tour in Belgium. (Zilleghem and Musiques et Traditions and still booking more gigs)
14 sept -  MP3 at Allégården in Göteborg
22 sept - MP3 at Felan in Örebro