NIDs' new single "SINGULAR" released at Linköpingfestivalen


Linköpingsfestivalen was 12-14 october, and NID were there to release our new single "SINGULAR". We have our 10 year anniversary as a band 2012, and wanted to celebrate by making a single for everyone who finds it difficult to wait for our full lenght CD that will be released in 2013.

We put posters on all permitted surfaces (including the toilets, where no one can resist reading if the text is in front of their eyes), and when we played the concert the room was completely full of people! We had fun playing, and the competition to win the very first single by guessing our collective age (100 years!) was won by a happy woman who actually made the very first guess! 

The single is now available in the webshop, and I deal with your orders as quickly as I can.
I hope you're all having a wonderful autumn!
Best wishes,