MP3 in Australia!


We've just returned from sunny Australia. The tour started on april 1:st and ended yesterday. We started with a few days off in Sydney and then went on to National Folkmusic Festival in Canberra. Wonderful weather, wonderful atmosphere and fun concerts. The aussies were an amazing audience, and made us feel very appreciated at our concerts and workshops. During the days we listened to concerts and ate fantastic food from every corner of the world, and at night we played concerts or had jam sessions at "Session Bar". After National we continued via Sydney to Perth and Fairbridge Festival just outside Pinjarra. By then, we had gotten to know a lot of musicians, and the festival felt like an Australian version of our Swedish festival Ransäterstämman. :-) All the musicians lived in small cottages, went to each others concerts and jammed together at night. A wonderful atmosphere. We recieved a lot of positive feedback from the festival management, and were also honoured by being asked to play a tune at the final concert.

All in all, it was an amazing tour, and we hope to be able to come back many more times in the future. 

MP3 at the Fairbridge Festival "Club House".                     mp3_i_australien