Release concert at Ransäterstämman:


Marin/Marin released all three albums at Ransäterstämman. At the release of the latest one "Skuggspel", june 7th, we had a concert with a spectacular bicycle tombola! 100 free lottery tickets were distributed among the audience, and a bike with a circle of 100 sectors glued to the front wheel was our tombola. The record company CEOs, Magnus and Henning, were our lovely assistants.
Magnus henning












First prize: The album "Skuggspel" signed as #1, 2 beer glasses with the Marin/Marin logo, 1 pocket flask with Marin/Marin logo, 2 coasters with Skuggspel print and a very nice IPA, was won by none other than the nyckelharpa player Johan Hedin!

This is how happy he was:

Johan vinner pris











 Micke also got to be a lovely tombola assistant.
micke tombola












We played a bunch of tunes from the new album, in the moonlight. :-)
spelar 2









...and ended the concert standing in the pose from the album cover.
slutpose 2