Ulrika Bodén Band at Urkult


This weekend I played with Ulriak Bodén Band at the Urkult Festival. It was a blast, and a very positive first date for me and the festival. :-) I'd love to go back. We "sort of" had a release concert for the new album "Folk Love Songs", but the actual album wasn't ready yet, so Ulrika had brought special versions which she signed and which her children painted colourful paintings on. They may turn out to be really expencive collectors objects in the future? This was the first, and maybe the only, time that the whole band of 8 members played together! For most of the concerts, we'll be 5.

The journey home on the Urkult train was a real endurance test. Several hours delay on a train standing still with no AC, in the baking August sun. They let us get out for a while in Gävle, and MP3 had a platform jam session with Nano Stern to entertain the other travellers. 12 hours after leaving Urkult, we were finally in Stockholm.

The whole band at Urkult!
ulrika boden band