Marin/Marin - Skuggspel

MMskuggMarin/Marin - Skuggspel


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The third album with Marin/Marin. Released in june 2013.

Swedish traditional music and original compositions, played on five string violin and five string viola. Leo Svensson Sander plays the cello on two tunes.

If you buy the Marin/Marin Tune Book (available under "Music Transcripts" here in the webshop), you'll get four bonus transcripts from "Skuggspel" and two from "Tiden" as PDF-files. This also goes for anyone who has bought the book earlier!

"This is absolute world-class. The Marin duo innovate and develop traditional music and gives hope for a bright future."
Lars Lind, Lira Musikmagasin



1. Skrap-Ollas polska

2. Regnvalsen

3. Walzer nr 11

4. The Raineys

5. Den flygande ön

6. Hymn för sommarnätter

7. Menuett efter G. Blidström

8. Två polonäser efter G. Blidström

9. Torparmenuett/Eviga ungdomens vals

10. Kloopolskan/O. Andersson/M. Olsson

11. Israel Bergman

12. Vadmalsglitter

13. O högaste himmel/Hovdemillomleiken

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