Tune Book for Ensembles 2

Omslagsbild litenTUNE BOOK for Ensembles 2

A tune book with mostly traditional Swedish tunes, a few original compositions and some other folk melodies.

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24 tunes with melodies, second voices and chords. Most of them also with base lines or accompaniments for melody instruments. Some tunes are best suited for advanced players, and some are for intermediate players or beginners. Use the book yourself, or with ensembles of different sizes. Perfect for music schools, workshops and music camps. If You buy the book, You will also get free access to download recordings of the arrangements here at the website, and also simplified notations of the melodies and other useful files. 



Polska efter Sven Donat
Antin Mikkon polska
Sorbicher Tantz
Här dansar jag
Polska efter Ante Sundin
Barbro Pers polska
Grins Hans jässpôdspolska
Polska efter Olof Andersson
Menuett efter Gustaf Blidström
Menuett efter Lars Larsson
Menuett Air efter Andreas Höök
Allt vad du vill
Walzer nr. 11
Vals efter Niklas Larsson
Reiländer efter Adolf Lång
Till fjälls
I denne søte juletid

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