Marin/Marin at Studio 55 Marin


Two tunes from the Marin/Marin US tour are now on Youtube. Go to, search for Marin/Marin studio 55, and they'll be at the top of the page. (Or click at the linc above the picture here). The tunes are from the album "Skuggspel": Skrap-Ollas polska and Walzer nr 11. I happened to be guest number 666... ;-)
Skarmavbild 2014-02-09 kl. 17.45.00

Marin/Marin tour in USA in November


Marin/Marin will tour in the Bay Area and in the Boston area in USA this November. In our bags we'll pack a lot of copies of the new album "Skuggspel" and on the way home we hope we've replaced them all with good American beers! :-)
Marin-Marin flyer new 2

Release concert: NID - Homecoming Queen


NIDs' new album "Homecoming Queen" is released at two concerts. Come and listen and celebrate with us!
NID Homecoming Queen flyer

Tour with Ulrika Bodén Band


Next week we go on tour in Västernorrland with Ulrika Bodén Band. I don't have info about the venues (one of the best things about taking part in a tour organized by länsmusiken is that you don't actually have to know about those things...) but here are the cities we're playing in at least. More info can be found here:

22/10: Sundsvall
23/10: Östersund
24/10: Härnösand
25/10: Sollefteå
26/10: Örnsköldsvik

Ulrika Bodén Band at Urkult


This weekend I played with Ulriak Bodén Band at the Urkult Festival. It was a blast, and a very positive first date for me and the festival. :-) I'd love to go back. We "sort of" had a release concert for the new album "Folk Love Songs", but the actual album wasn't ready yet, so Ulrika had brought special versions which she signed and which her children painted colourful paintings on. They may turn out to be really expencive collectors objects in the future? This was the first, and maybe the only, time that the whole band of 8 members played together! For most of the concerts, we'll be 5.

The journey home on the Urkult train was a real endurance test. Several hours delay on a train standing still with no AC, in the baking August sun. They let us get out for a while in Gävle, and MP3 had a platform jam session with Nano Stern to entertain the other travellers. 12 hours after leaving Urkult, we were finally in Stockholm.

The whole band at Urkult!
ulrika boden band

Dance workshop with Anna Öberg and Mia Marin


For four days leading up to the Korrö festival, me and the dancer Anna Öberg had a dance workshop. It was so much fun working with Anna for so long, and the participants were wonderful. We had a lot of fun and interesting discussions about the connection between music and dance, and I've seen so much great dancing during these days! Hope there will be a dance workshop next year as well. :-)

mia danskurs

Release concert at Ransäterstämman:


Marin/Marin released all three albums at Ransäterstämman. At the release of the latest one "Skuggspel", june 7th, we had a concert with a spectacular bicycle tombola! 100 free lottery tickets were distributed among the audience, and a bike with a circle of 100 sectors glued to the front wheel was our tombola. The record company CEOs, Magnus and Henning, were our lovely assistants.
Magnus henning












First prize: The album "Skuggspel" signed as #1, 2 beer glasses with the Marin/Marin logo, 1 pocket flask with Marin/Marin logo, 2 coasters with Skuggspel print and a very nice IPA, was won by none other than the nyckelharpa player Johan Hedin!

This is how happy he was:

Johan vinner pris











 Micke also got to be a lovely tombola assistant.
micke tombola












We played a bunch of tunes from the new album, in the moonlight. :-)
spelar 2









...and ended the concert standing in the pose from the album cover.
slutpose 2

Updated stuff at the website


Today I uploaded a tune from NID's new singel "SINGULAR" on the website, if anyone's curious. The tune is called "NID 4 Speed" and is composed by me. I've also added new press pictures of NID and of me on the solo page. Tomorrow I'll hopefully have time to upload some pictures for the photographers page, from some of my photo assignments. 
Good night!

Uppdaterat på hemsidan


Idag har jag lagt upp ett av spåren från NIDs nya singel "SINGULAR" på hemsidan för den som är nyfiken. Låten heter "NID 4 Speed" och är skriven av mig. Nyamiamarin_8 pressbilder har också blivit tillagda på NIDs sida, samt på min solosida. I morgon ska jag förhoppningsvis hinna lägga upp bilder på fotografsidan från något av mina fotojobb. 

NIDs' new single "SINGULAR" released at Linköpingfestivalen


Linköpingsfestivalen was 12-14 october, and NID were there to release our new single "SINGULAR". We have our 10 year anniversary as a band 2012, and wanted to celebrate by making a single for everyone who finds it difficult to wait for our full lenght CD that will be released in 2013.

We put posters on all permitted surfaces (including the toilets, where no one can resist reading if the text is in front of their eyes), and when we played the concert the room was completely full of people! We had fun playing, and the competition to win the very first single by guessing our collective age (100 years!) was won by a happy woman who actually made the very first guess! 

The single is now available in the webshop, and I deal with your orders as quickly as I can.
I hope you're all having a wonderful autumn!
Best wishes,